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Well flu season has arrived. Why is is it has to arrive just as we are getting ready for xmas????Well we need to be prepared. Got my flu shot but im the one that gets the strain the shot didnt cover!! so take a look inside and lets get ready!!

Welcome to my blog. Are you healthy? I am a walking medical journal. Seems when I turned 40 everything went to hell in a hand basket !! Started getting fat, and different health issues a rised. As of now I have sarcoidosis, thyroid issues, on blood thinners as I have a metal heart valve and stint. Im waiting to get called for a biopsy of my lungs as I now have pulmonary fibrosis . Arent I a happy camper?? Anyways I’m alive that’s the main thing. You got think positive. I cant work so I’m home bored and this is where the blog came from. Why not talk with others on their health? In the meantime look at some products I have from Leave some comments, maybe share some stories and idea as. And please follow you want to see how i change my store pages or maybe find out the results of my biopsy. whatever it may be I hope you return,

Well met with surgeon about my biopsy .Guess i will stay in hospital for 3 or 4 days. Right now waiting on pre-op date. You know  at 59 i never dreamed my life would be like this. It can be very depressing at times.One day  I was walking cooking cleaning  doing  my regular life stuff  and BAM !  next dim ay  its hard to do anything and you cant work. Enjoy what you have people. Life is short and can change in a second.

Well  I finally  heard some news! Pre-op tomorrow  at 1:45. That means they probably will tell me surgery  date!Im thinking next week!   Cause im on blood thinners i have to be off them a couple days before surgery. Then I guess because they have taken 2 little pieces  from my lungs  they need time to heal so when biopsy is done i have to be incubated for at least one day. Im kind of excited .

well  pre-op done.Thats a long appointment!!!!   Should know monday  the surgery  date.

Dec  20,2016…well    finally have a date!   jan 11,2017. Just over the last few days OI have felt my health declining. I use to walk 50 ft before getting out of breath.Now its 6-8 steps i take.Im not talking house steps either  feet steps!  My breathing is rough .Im scared to death I wont make it to that date!  please pray for me

dec 30,2016    hi all  , merry belated xmas!!!   I spent xmas in hospital with yet another infection.Its so hard to stay healthy and i only have till the 11 th of jan for my biopsy!!  Even though in hospital it turned out to be an awesome xmas  with turkey dinner  and family. I came home boxing day  so keep your fingers crossed  that i can stay healthy  for another  2 weeks


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